I suppose I was left with the idea of living abroad after having spent almost two years in the US with my family as a student. Once I was grown up, I tried to repeat the experience by applying for graduate scholarships, but all my attempts were unsuccessful and I finally stopped trying. However, I never let go of the idea of someday living abroad.

That’s why when Sergio came home from work one day, telling me had been offered to participate in an expat programme at the office, I took on the challenge without thinking about it twice. Although I was very passionate about my job and very close to my family, I loved the idea of seeing the world with Sergio, and all that the experience would bring us together as a couple and family.

That’s how we went to Madrid, and what brought us currently to Shanghai.

We knew that living abroad would mean we’d have to do some of the important things in life on our own, such as having children. We had been married for a year and we did not want to pospone our plans because of our move. On the contrary, we were very excited to become parents on our own and live through the process independently.


Lately I have noticed that I tend to say this a lot: easier said than done! Because it’s true! Having children away from our country, friends and relatives was not easy, especially away from my mom… just thinking about it makes my eyes water!

Although it is a bit lonely at times, it also has many good things, and I love this adventure of becoming a mother abroad. Asking my friends for advice on WhatsApp, sending videos of Rubén and his accomplishments to my family via e-mail, having Rubén “cuddle” with his grandmothers through FaceTime… technology is on our side!

But by far what is best about having children abroad is the amount of things you can show them. Chile is so far away from the rest of the world and travelling is not that easy. but abroad, where everything is closer together and there are many more options for travel, it is different. For a little money you can go from Madrid to Dublin, or Shanghai to Tokyo. And if you dare and take the risk of putting your baby on a baby carrier, or taking your stroller through airports, trains, taxis and boats, you will be able to travel and see the world, which really, is tiny and easy to see, but at the same time large, diverse and very entertaining.



We want Ruben to share the passion Sergio and I have for travel, and that is why we are doing our best see as most of the world as we can, and take advantage of this incredible opportunity of living abroad.We want to see the world together as a family, without feeling limited by Rubén’s short age.


Many things have happened to us in these efforts. Some of them have been fun, others not so much, but we have learned something out of all of them. That’s why I have created this space, so that  I can share our experiences and motivate other families to take their babies and see the world… even if it’s just a weekend trip, a vacation to the beach or taking the risk to move across the world.

Easier said then done… I know… but in A Baby Abroad, I will tell you our experiences and give you tons of tips so that you too take this risk.


I am a beginner…

This is a disclaimer.. I am a beginner! And as such, I am sure I am making tons of mistakes.

Through this blog I hope to share the stories behind these mistakes and (hopefully) the tips that I’ve learned as a result.

I also hope to connect with others who’ve had similar experiences, so please leave your comments and stay in touch!


I am also a teacher…

Other than being a wife, mother and traveller, I am also an International and PYP teacher.


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